Packages – 4 days


Bringing together the know-how of a professional team in a facility with unrivalled technological capabilities and cutting-edge medical partnerships, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo's sole mission is to help people achieve what they seek most. Maximise your abilities, improve your figure or manage the effects of time, our personalised packages take into account the results of biological and physical tests to provide immediate, long-lasting results in 4 days!

Dr Duhem, our primary care physician, selects the best suited manual or technological treatments based on internal and external tests carried out in our facilities and with other health practitioners in Monaco.

In his role as health coach, Dr Duhem also offers a post-package follow-up by different means (email, video conference, etc.) to help maintain and maximise the results achieved between two stays.


It’s time to take action, and your health into your own hands.


Ready to take things a step further? We recommend complementary health exams with our partner health practitioners in Monaco such as:


Cardiothoracic Centre [Centre Cardio Thoracique]


- IM2S

- Monaco Princess Grace Check-up Unit 

- Monaco Laboratories [Laboratoires de Monaco]


To find out more about your body and learn to become your own health’s best advocate – Read more about our optional tests