Slimming Objective: Our Nutrition Tips


Start your slimming project now by eating a well balanced diet. Don’t wait! Read more now about some basic rules to follow.

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If bad eating habits in the past led to excess weight, those habits will have similar consequences in the future if you take them up again. 


Only a suitable solution can succeed over the long term. We have to find a good compromise between pleasing the palate, exercise, and family and work obligations.


Proteins will be your faithful ally throughout your slimming project. They are natural appetite suppressants that help preserve muscle mass. Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products will only be consumed in their lean or fat-free forms and cooked with little or no fat.


However, uncooked butter or margarine should not be entirely removed as they contain elements that are beneficial and even essential for health.  Use as many herbs, spices and other seasoning  as you would like. They add colour and flavour to all dishes.


Daily steps


Have a good breakfast with a hot or cold beverage (tea, coffee, water, etc.), grain-based food (bread, for example), a protein (egg, unsweetened dairy product, etc.) and a fruit. Avoid any source of sugar or its derivatives (jam, etc.).

Lunch: A protein (meat or fish), vegetable and fruit should be enough to satisfy your hunger.


Dinner should be light with no starch or bread but always contain a source of protein.


For cravings between meals, try an unsweetened dairy product (or even better, a seasonal fruit).


Be sure to drink enough: 1.5 to 2 litres minimum per day of unsweetened hot or cold drinks.

Our customised offer


Recovering a slim figure and energy over the long term is a real challenge. As such, it requires preparation!

The nutritionist uses biological and energy assessments to provide you with tailor-made advice to help you achieve your slimming objectives.

It won’t be a “summer commando operation” but a quest for a way to balance your diet in a lasting and harmonious manner to stabilise your weight and health.


For Mediterranean-inspired healthy cuisine and well-being, come discover the Hirondelle restaurant  where our Chef, Jacky Oberti, proposes his know-how and light and tasty menus (around 500 kcal per menu).

Convincing results


 By losing 700 grammes each week, you have every chance of stabilising your weight at the end of the course. 

Losing a massive amount of weight in a short amount of time often ultimately leads to weight gain that is every bit as dramatic. Changing eating habits engrained in family and tradition takes time. 

Don’t just look at the scale, but also at your clothing as it becomes looser; it’s the best proof that your slimming plan is working.

If your biological or energy assessment reveals a micro-nutritional deficiency or imbalance, we can recommend food supplements. They will reinforce our Nutrition Control efforts.


Don’t forget to exercise


Balancing your diet, even in a personalised manner, isn’t enough. Taking up some form of physical exercise is essential. This ensures the total success of your weight loss efforts.

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo offer their best tips on the right exercise to help you achieve your slimming objective.


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