Slimming Objective: Our Exercising Tips


In March, our fitness coaches will give you some ideas on how to avoid the classic pitfalls of a slimming plan.

coach-artWe often make the same mistakes when we start exercising again. Our determination to lose weight pushes us over the edge, and we work out too often, too long and too intensely. 

Your workouts


Sweating blood and tears does not guarantee the loss of body fat. At best, we lose water and toxins without achieving our goal.


It’s preferable to schedule three to four one-hour exercise sessions weekly (once every two days) rather than two two-hour sessions, whilst always paying particular attention to your heart rate whilst you exercise.
>> Here’s a small tip: if you need to lose weight, then it’s better to begin exercising on a bicycle. This will avoid straining joints such as the knees and ankles.

Your heart rate


Generally speaking, when you are doing cardio training with the objective of slimming, you need to work out for 60 minutes at a heart rate that is 60 to 70% of your maximum theoretical heart rate. You can alternate sessions on the treadmill, bicycle and other machines in order to keep it interesting.


Your maximum theoretical heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from the number 220.

If you’re 50 years old, your maximum theoretical heart rate is  (220-50) = 170 beats per minute.

You need to work out for one hour at 60 to 70% of this rate, so between 132 and 154 beats per minute.


Every hour of cardio exercise at the correct heart rate burns the equivalent of 500 to 600 calories.


Remember that you need to burn 7,000 calories to get rid of one kilo of body fat. Time to break out the calculator!

Personal fitness training


Personal fitness training, just like the right diet or using complementary treatments, helps save time and ensures success.  Please feel free to schedule an effort test with oxygen consumption.  You’ll be surprised at the volume of useful information it will provide towards defining an effective physical training programme.


If you lack willpower, opt for a Health Coach. He/she will guide you and keep you on track throughout your programme.


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