Presenting Be Athletik, a new partner brand at Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo


Be Athletik, a leading preventive health and sports performance brand 




Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo is now offering the Be360 programme by Be Athletik, an excellent preventive health and sports performance plan, regardless of your athletic abilities or how old you are.   


As the years go by, our bodies complain more and more by way of muscle tension, recurring physical discomfort, mobility limitations, fatigue, etc.

The Be360 process helps you set up a preventive health plan to maintain the best possible form, stay active and age better.


For people who like to play sports or compete, Be360 helps you identify areas for improvement as well as offering sports rehabilitation and prevention of new and recurring injuries.


Be360 Protocol – €315 / 90’ (€395 with the 3D Golf option / 120’)

After discussing your needs and objectives, we will guide you in conducting many physical tests:

Morphology at rest

Segment motor function

Overall motor function

Capacity to carry out a complex movement without compensation (ex: golf swing, running gait, tennis smash, etc.)

Implementing a progression strategy


Individual corrective sessions – €195 / 60’

Maximise movement with the aim of restoring good motor skills, determined following analyses of information collected during the Be360 process. 




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