Energy for a successful new term


Retrieve a physical and emotional balance for a flawless new term.


energie-artGoing back to work in September after the holidays is often a good time for skin exfoliation, as the skin is often damaged after days of summer sun and heat. It’s also a good time to start putting some good resolutions into action so as to spend winter in the best possible conditions.


Although synonymous with holiday, the daily rhythm in summer can throw our energies off balance. Heat, flexible hours and the stress of going back to work are all culprits in blocking energy.


Recover physical and emotional balance with the Monte-Carlo Duo-Energy combination which offers moments of true well-being along with exfoliation and affusion massage.


This treatment combination owes its effectiveness to the scrub salts and coloured shea butter specifically selected according to your energy state at the time.


Your ‘ting’ points located on the tips of your fingers and toes are measured beforehand in order to select the right salts enriched with ground precious stones which will deeply re-boost your energy during the whole-body exfoliation. This energy assessment determines the imbalances and weaknesses present on the meridians which are responsible for disturbances in your physical and emotional state. Thanks to this assessment, we can choose which treatment products and techniques to use.


Using slow and circular movements, the scrub detoxifies and exfoliates the epidermis, thereby favouring energy exchanges between the salt crystals and your body.


Optimise this state of plenitude with a sea water shower followed by an affusion massage with coloured shea butter using the same synergies in order to make this state of relaxation and deep well-being last as long as possible.


Monte-Carlo Duo-Energy

• Duration : 90 minutes 

• Price : 230 € (per person)