Beauty tips: get the most beautiful summer skin


For a gentle, long lasting, and safe tan, follow these few simple, often overlooked guidelines. 


la plus belle peau de l'été

The summer weather was a long time coming this year, but the sun is now here to stay for the season. For a gentle, long lasting, and safe tan, follow these few simple, often overlooked guidelines.

Beautiful skin starts from the inside… 

Emphasize a light, vitamin-rich and varied diet. We respect the catchphrase “5 a day”  (5 fruit and vegetables a day) of which one raw at each meal (fruit or vegetable) thus benefiting from vitamin C, a natural anti-oxidant. Drink enough water to ward off the “heat effect” and avoid dehydration which generally harms your body, your skin in particular.


… teamed with skin care adapted for the season

To reveal a glowing tan and avoid alligator skin, remember to exfoliate regularly. Opt for a fine grain scrub, no need to aggress your skin, simply cares for it and keep it soft! For a face scrub, select a non-grainy gommage product. Your face is already put to the test in the summer months, no need for added irritation.

After the gommage, never skip the « Hydration » step, both body and face, with a specific cosmetic adapted to your skin type. For makeup, the season points towards the use of lighter textures, put away the thicker foundations, only keeping light fluid base with added sunscreen (SPF 15 minimum).

For days relaxing on a sun lounge, protect your skin by using quality sun care products with adapted sunscreen, and don’t forget your face. Opt for SPF 30 or 50 creams. You can cheat with some light fake tan thus avoiding skin problems in the fall!

Don’t hesitate to contact your beautician for a personalized skin diagnosis; she will recommend the products and treatments best adapted for you.



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