Beauty Tip: Chocolate Mania


Give in to the sweet temptation of chocolate without feeling guilty with this guaranteed beauty tip.


ChocolamaniaChocolate has a number of nutritional qualities and cosmetic virtues. Here’s more on the numerous benefits of chocolate as well as a home recipe for making your own face mask.

Everybody knows that chocolate is high in calories and the sworn enemy of women’s figures. But did you also know that chocolate contains cholesterol-free “good fat”, polyphenols that protect our cardiovascular system, a healthy dose of B vitamins for our nervous system and appendages, as well as vitamin A which is good for the eyesight? Chocolate is also tonic, stimulating and has anti-depressant virtues thanks to caffeine, theobromine and phenylalanine.



So why do without?

Of course, the darker the chocolate the better as it contains less sugar! In addition to its high nutritional value, chocolate also has undeniable albeit less known cosmetic virtues. The Aztecs were already using cocoa butter in their beauty rituals because of its moisturising and healing properties.


Thanks to the vitamins, iron, potassium and magnesium they contain, cocoa beans have an effect on tissue oxygenation. Cocoa beans are also rich in polyphenols and other nutrients known for their anti-ageing and regenerating virtues thanks to their anti-free-radical properties.
Now you know the many guilt-free reasons for eating chocolate in all its shapes and forms!


This month, to discover the effects of chocolate on your skin, we propose a home recipe for a face mask that is very easy to make.


You will need: 6 squares of dark chocolate (80% cocoa) and three drops of orange blossom essential oil. Melt the chocolate squares in a pot (add a little butter or organic olive oil). Take the mixture off the heat and stir until the paste is smooth. Add the essential oil. Whilst it’s still warm, apply to the face using a brush. Let it rest for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with cold water. This toning and antioxidant mask can be used once a week.