Optional exams

Men & Women


Tests are necessary to gauge basic physiological functions.

A heart test including a stress test with oxygen consumption* enables us to provide you with personalised advice on physical activity. A metabolic biological test** is used to analyse lifestyle choices and maximise results.


Price for the option: €600


* The stress test will confirm whether there are contraindications to practising sports, the intensity with which you can do physical exercise (cardio training) to burn as much fat as possible, or whether you should focus on muscle-building (increasing strength) before starting cardio training.


** The biological tests (blood, urine, etc.) provide us with information on, for example, the type of fat burnt during the 3 months preceding the test, as well as your vitamin, mineral, trace element and intestinal flora levels. This all helps us to help you maximise your health.





We also provide extensive tests for a more long-term perspective and long-lasting results. These include the fatty acids test and the oxidative stress test.


This option offers a bi-monthly follow-up for 6 months by our physician and coaches in order to adjust advice following your stay, envisage targeted micronutritional supplements, and maximise long-lasting results.


Price for the option: €1,200


Overall testing and specific complementary testing are available on request with our health partners.

We will help you set up appointments and optimise testing times to save you time so that you can focus on fitness.





Price varies according to medical treatment provided
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